Groove feeling from deep and sharp bass sound


SSR(Side Strain Relief) design with the optimum weight balance

ZERO BASS is a series of casual inner ear stereo headphones that ZERO AUDIO newly introduces with bass sound as its feature, and expresses ZERO’s powerfull bass sound with groove feeling. SSR(Side Strain Relief) design with its comfortable fitting is constructed with Machined aluminum body and side-laid out earphone cable.

SSR Design ( Side Strain Relief )

SSR (Side-Stain-Relief) design achieves a comfortable fitting by its most suitable weight balance.

Machinning Aluminum body

With good damping performance controls unnecessary resonance oscillation and maximally enhances driver’s performance.

Power-tuned Driver

Reproduces ZERO’s powerfull bass sound with groove feeling.

Full-wide cylinder axis structure

Realizes a defined sharp bass sound.

Parallel code

Flexible OFC(oxygen free copper) Parallel cord that enables transmission of a pure sound source with a small loss.

HEADPHONE CLIP as Standard accessory

Silicone magnet clip in the motif of Over the top headphones is attached as standard. Earphone cord can be bundled by the high powered magnets easily and clingged to steel furniture tightly. Black clip with white logo is attached as standard for ZB-02BK, Black clip with green logo is for ZB-02GR and Black clip with red logo is for ZB-02RD.

Product Specifications

Plug3.5mm Gold-plated L-type stereo mini plug
CordOFC Cord 1.2m [ Y-type ]
Weight4.7g ( without cord )
Frequency Responce6Hz〜39,000Hz
Maximum input200mW ( IEC standard )
Silicon earpiece : S・M・L ×2 ( M size is attached. )
Warranty period6 months

Specifications and product appearance design are subject to change without prior notice due to continual improvements.

◇This product is available in ZERO AUDIO authorized sellers only.

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