Composite reinfored body with carbon + aluminum


Clear deep-bass sound through real carbon fiber

Mounted with the Φ8.5mm driver unit that achieves a peasant and mellow deep bass and a clear middle – high range, the dynamic form gives a sound with much presence. Much softness and comfort touch feeling of cable are so important , and also OFC(oxygen free copper) that enables a transmission of pure and clear sound sources by its small transmission loss is adopted for a cable conductor. “Anti-entanglement slider” with L/R identification dots that prevents earphone cord from getting entangled and reduces touch-noise/rubbing sound between clothes and cord gets enhanced its retentiveness and comfortability.


Composite reinforced body with Carbon fiber + Machinning Aluminum, that is light, high – strongth and has a good damping performance, damps an unnecessary resonance and enhances a performance of the speaker maximally.

φ8.5mm Driver unit

Mounted with the driver unit that achieves a peasant and mellow deep bass and a clear middle – high range, the dynamic form gives a sound with much presence.

Flexible cable

Flexible cable with OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) which enables a transfer of the pure sound source with minimum loss.

Cord slider with Three-point identification dots

The original cord slider with Three-point dots is attached on the product.
L : Left and R : Right logo marks are placed on each earphone body for a easy confirmation, and Three-point dots on the cord slider also help L/R recognition by fingers. Displacing the slider at the bottom of earphone bodies gives a comfortable identification of L/R by fingers before use.
Position adjustment of the slider moving up and down controls is effective to reduce rubbing or touching noise from the cable.

Clear transmission of a sound source through Flexible cable

High-purity OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) which is used for the cacle conductor prevents a degradation of sound minimizing a loss of signal transmission from a music player to the headphones. And the stereo mini plug has L angle shape which has a superior utility and durability.

“CARBO BASSO” was featured in MONOQLO June 2015.
“CARBO BASSO” was featured in Kaden Hihyo April 2016.


Product Specifications

Plug3.5mm Gold-plated L-type stereo mini plug
CordOFC Cord 1.2m [ Y-type ]
Weight4.8g ( without cord )
Frequency Responce6Hz〜24,000Hz
Maximum input200mW ( IEC standard )
AccessoriesSilicon earpiece : S・M・L ×2 ( M size is attached. )
Carrying Bag
Warranty period1 year

Specifications and product appearance design are subject to change without prior notice due to continual improvements.

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